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My name is Christina...

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I am a former English teacher, indie author, editor, and writing coach. I have been involved in all aspects of writing and blogging for many years and recently launched a live course called Inspire to help aspiring writers complete the first draft of their novels. I also earned my Ph.D. by writing one of the first dissertations to explore how women build community through writing online. I have a passion for teaching and supporting writers and genuinely believe that the writing community is stronger when writers share ideas, resources, and fellowship with other creators. 

Beyond that, I am an avid reader! I consume multiple books a week and have a genuine love for historical romance. I have a vast book collection that is truly testing the strength of my many bookshelves, and I drink more coffee and Diet Coke than one person really should. I keep multiple books in my car and purse, so I’m never caught without something to read. And I never hesitate to smell the pages of any book I read! 


I know how difficult it is to take a simple idea and turn it into a polished manuscript. I’ve learned the ins and outs of indie publishing after choosing to leave traditional publishing. Accountability, scheduling, goals, and developmental struggles are just a few of the things I can help you with should you choose to work with me as a writing coach. I pride myself on honesty and hard work. And I genuinely believe that investing in yourself as a writer is one of the best things you can do for your craft. 



"In 2014, I suffered a devastating blow in publishing and was ready to pack it up and go home, but Christina offered to critique my debut novel. Her encouragement reawakened my enthusiasm for my story. And she was right! That book is an Amazon #1 Bestseller and is now the flagship in my multi-series story universe. Christina has been one of my trusted critique partners for every novel. My writing life would not be the same without her."

Keely Brook Keith, Author of The Uncharted Series


"Christina is a rare jewel when it comes to critiquing. She was kind and encouraging while pushing me to make the manuscript better than I thought I could. She treated my manuscript as if it were her baby as well as mine. I felt she wanted the same thing out of the process as I did: the best book I was capable of producing. Christina's feedback was always helpful. As a writer herself, she knows how important it is to hear what's working or gain insight into a reader's genuine reactions in addition to what's not working or might turn a reader off. Christina brings her love of reading and understanding of the writing craft and the artist's soul to every critique she gives. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants honest feedback from someone who can speak from both sides of the exchange between the writer and the reader."

Erica Hearns, Author of Altered Before the Altar and Creator of By Her Shelf


"I love working with Christina. She is always professional and courteous, and she knows what to look for in a manuscript. We've worked together on several occasions. Whether I ask her to critique for line edits to catch grammatical issues or to do a big picture critique, her comments are always spot on."

 Dana R. Lynn, Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author and Grand Prize winner of the 2018 NECRWA Reader's Choice Awards

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