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Editing Services

Not all editing/critiquing is the same. It's important to understand the different types of editing/critiquing so your manuscript gets what it needs.


  • Developmental Editing

    • A thorough examination of your full manuscript focusing on the big picture and overall aspects of a manuscript. Such edits include organization, clarity, consistency, flow, and tense as well as structure, plot, characters, dialogue, POV, tone, pacing, and setting. Could require extensive rewrites. Developmental edits meet your book where it is and help you move it to the next level. It will likely require extensive rewrites. $.08 per word

  • Line Editing

    • A meticulous look at each line of your manuscript focusing on both details and the big picture in a line-by-line review of a manuscript. Such edits include creative content, language, word choice, pace, point-of-view, and writing style. $.021 per word

  • Copy Editing

    • A detailed edit of your full manuscript, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, and formatting errors.  These edits help to polish your manuscript as a whole. Includes a summary letter and in-document comments and changes.  $0.016 per word

  • Proofreading

    • PE is the final step to check for mistakes within a manuscript. It should be the LAST editing step in the process to help catch any final mistakes within the text or formatting. $0.01 per word

  • Misc. Services

    • Have a need for a service not listed? Contact me and we can discuss what you need!    $TBD


It is important to understand that developmental edits, critiques, and line edits are meant to help you tell a better story. Proofreading and copy edits are meant to address the flaws of a manuscript on a technical and mechanical level. 


*I strongly suggest that your manuscript goes through each stage of editing before attempting publication. Please understand that no book is perfect and these edits do not guarantee representation, publication, or book sales.

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