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A Manuscript Critique is a thorough look at your manuscript from a writer's perspective.

It is aimed at critically examining a manuscript and evaluating the overall quality by helping to find the strengths and weaknesses, holes, etc., and providing constructive feedback for improvement.


Includes in-document annotations and chapter-by-chapter feedback.​

All clients will receive a standard critique agreement and formatting instructions for sending their manuscript. All manuscript critiques are completed within 3 weeks. Prices are based on word count.

Up to 100k - $250

OVER 100K - $300


A query/chapter critique focuses on how you present yourself to potential agents and publishers. The query will be analyzed and edited to help your submission stand out and will include assistance with comps, style, language, and grammatical issues.

 The opening chapter will be critiqued, and you'll receive valuable feedback on how to hook your audience, suggestions to make the chapter stronger, and issues you need to address before submitting.



Developmental Edits - Developmental Edits focus on the big picture and overall aspects of a manuscript. Such edits include clarity, consistency, flow, tense, structure, plot, characters, dialogue, POV, tone, pacing, and setting. It could require extensive rewrites.

$7.00 per page

Line Edits - Line Edits focus on details and the big picture in a line-by-line review of a manuscript. Such edits include creative content, language, word choice, and writing style. 

$5.00 per page

Copy Edits - Copy Edits focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, and formatting within a manuscript.

$3.00 per page


Proofreading Edits - Proofreading is the final step to check for mistakes within a manuscript. It should be the LAST editing step in the process.

$2.00 per page

Please email me for a detailed quote for your manuscript.

*It is important to understand that developmental edits, critiques, and line edits are meant to help you tell a better story.  Proofreading and copy edits are meant to address a manuscript's flaws on a technical and mechanical level. 


*I strongly suggest that your manuscript goes through each stage of editing before attempting publication. Please understand that no book is perfect, and these edits do not guarantee representation, publication, or book sales.



Work with me in a one-on-one collaboration to help you achieve your writing goals. Each coaching package is designed to your specific creative or technical needs and can include: accountability, research, brainstorming, fears and blocks, developmental support, goals, voice, structure, audience, strategy, traditional/self-publishing guidance, scheduling, and feedback.

Set up a FREE 30-minute Zoom consultation to discuss compatibility and goals.

All packages include email support, weekly Zoom sessions, and an assessment of your writing needs.

3 months - $700

6 months - $1300

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